HAPPEN Lead Mentor Position

Apply here for Lead Mentor for Happen

Application Deadline: March 1, 2022

Salary : $3,600 plus meals

HAPPEN Program Description

HCOP provides academic and support services for disadvantaged students desiring a career in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy and allied health. The program is designed to help in the transition from high school to the college environment. The three-week academic enrichment program is scheduled for July 8 – July 29, 2022.

During the program, students participate in 6 to 8 hours of educational activities five days per week, with recreational activities scheduled on Saturdays. Sunday, students are free to sign in and out as they like, to visit the Student Rec Center, spend the day with parents, or study.

Position Description

The Lead Mentor position encompasses roles of both a supervisor of resident mentors, mentor, resident assistant and teaching assistant. The lead mentor will supervise regular mentors, and assist with responsibilities within the residence hall and will work with the HCOP staff to provide a positive community atmosphere for the residents of the summer program (Students and mentors are housed throughout the length of the program at Towers.).  The mentor will also serve as a liaison between the students and the program staff. The position is designed to foster an atmosphere for student learning, social, cultural, and emotional growth in the dormitory by serving as an advisor to the residents while additionally providing assistance and support as they complete their course assignments with an emphasis in Math and research.


  1. Conduct mentor orientation for assisting in tutoring outside of classes while on duty
  2. Create mentor schedules weekly
  3. Promote a positive, community atmosphere in and out of the dorms
  4. Maintain regular mentor schedules so students knows which mentor is on duty
  5. Post a visible schedule of who’s on duty for students to refer to
  6. Have a working knowledge of WVU’s resources and services to assist students
  7. Conduct daily/weekly mentor meetings in order to discuss and resolve issues and give updates
  8. Attend and participate in all student activities, including weekends
  9. Be prepared to step in to fill mentor position if regular mentor becomes unavailable
  10. Be aware of attitudes and behavioral patterns of students & report to HCOP leadership right away
  1. Educate mentors about violations of the HCOP and University conduct codes and how to report said violations
  2. Provide teaching ideas to mentors in order for them to have evening learning activities that pertain to diversity, team work & commodity while on duty
  3. Maintain daily logs of mentors regarding student activity and/or issues that arise

Position Qualifications

  1. Demonstrated skills & ability to supervise others
  2. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  3. Skill in cultural sensitivity and an ability to effectively communicate and interact with persons from diverse economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds are necessary for satisfactory performance
  4. Demonstrated ability to foster working relationships with disadvantaged students
  5. Demonstrated ability to manage and organize multiple tasks, prioritize tasks, and work with frequent disruptions
  6. Demonstrated ability to make decisions logically and quickly and to adapt to rapidly changing demands and priorities
  7. Ability to maintain confidentiality - the nature of the work environment requires a high level of awareness and professionalism with issues regarding student confidentiality
  8. Must be 21 or older
  9. Must have valid driver’s license
  10. Must be able to drive a 15 passenger van
  11. Must work weekends
  12. Must be fully committed to the entire 4 week program, including weekends
  • At least 2 yrs. College required
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA overall with demonstrated ability in Chemistry and Math beyond an introductory level
  • 1 – 2 year Residence Life supervisory experience necessary
  • If hired, must successfully pass a background check
  • Online drivers test is required by WVU Human Resources

HCOP provides lead mentors with the following:

  • Vehicle for weekend activities
  • Open door policy to speak with HCOP staff both on and off duty
  • Coverage of weekend activity expenses, including meals

HCOP does not provide the following:

  • Parking
  • Parking costs, fees or parking tickets obtained while on or off duty
  • Food outside of regularly scheduled meals (such as chips, junk food or drinks)

Rules and regulations on campus apply to lead mentor, mentors and students alike. When not on scheduled duty, the lead mentor must remain within a 20 mile radius, and be available in case of an emergencies. While on and off duty, it is the responsibility of the lead mentor to transport students to Urgent Care or the ER in the event that regular mentors are not able to do so as sickness/illness with students occurs.

This is a salaried position.

The lead mentor is paid while on duty and off duty.  When additional help is needed, it is the responsibility of the lead mentor to make sure that mentors who are off duty can be reached in order to assist in an emergency situation. When mentors can’t be reached, the lead mentor is responsible to take on the duties. It is mandatory to be accessible at all times during the program, so cell phones must remain on.