Improved confidence for providers and patients.

Students studying healthcare at West Virginia University have access to state-of-the-art simulation technology to ensure they are safer and smarter before encountering patients in everyday and critical care situations.

Designed for students enrolled in WVU’s five Health Sciences schools – Dentistry, Medicine, NursingPharmacy and Public Health – the David and Jo Ann Shaw Center for Simulation Training and Education for Patient Safety (STEPS) includes two 10-bed open lab spaces, 12 patient exam rooms, a large surgical skills unit, an operating room, a mother-child suite, four ICU setups and the latest technology, including augmented reality and virtual reality equipment and high fidelity manikins.

The newest ‘patient’ admitted to STEPS is a cutting-edge advanced interdisciplinary patient simulator named HAL. The manikin is equipped with many industry-first capabilities, including conversational speech enhanced by artificial intelligence, lifelike motor movement and next-gen simulated physiology.

HAL provides opportunities for trainees across disciplines and at all levels, including healthcare professionals at WVU Medicine, to improve their skills and confidence in assessment and treatment and learn from mistakes in a controlled and psychologically safe environment before encountering patients in the field.

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