About Us

HCOP Members standing on a bridge in the woods

The mission of the HCOP program is to assist under-represented disadvantaged, and minority students to become more competitive for college and health care careers, increase diversity in the health care professions, and improve the distribution of health care professionals in under-represented areas.

The HCOP programs strive to provide a variety of activities that foster the integration of academics and interpersonal experiences to develop the total person. Students are encouraged to be broadly educated and highly motivated individuals who will continue their moral, cultural, and professional growth as they forge ahead on their life-long educational pathways.

The Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) strives to make West Virginia’s under-represented, disadvantaged, and minority students more competitive for college and health care careers and increase the number of under-represented students in the health professions. 

Through a paid program where students “Earn to Learn” HCOP prepares incoming freshmen for the college experience and provides them a college course with mentoring and tutoring to get them started on their college careers. Later in their college career, HCOP has another “Earn to Learn” program that helps students prepare for their professional school application and interview processes. This program also provides a free Kaplan review course to prepare them for their professional school admissions test such as the MCAT, DAT, PCAT or GRE.