All news content must be entered through SOLE News and displayed using the  HSC News macro. Do not manually add news content or list news in any other way in the editor.

Working with SOLE News #

To begin working in the SOLE News System please email CMS Desk to request training.

Using the HSC News Macro #

On sites built using HSC Themes, you can use the HSC News macro to pull in details from SOLE News.

  1. Place the cursor on a new line in the editor.
  2. Click the  Insert Macro button.
  3. This will present a box to the right with a grid style macro listing. Choose  HSC News.
  4. You will be presented with a set of options you will need to complete in order to display news items:
    • Count: This is the number of stories (if available) that will show up on the page. The recommended count is three stories, and the maximum count is five stories.
    • Featured Only: This will only allow stories that are marked as "Featured" in SOLE News to appear on the page.
    • Primary/Secondary Categories: This is the set of categories used in SOLE News that are specific to your needs. Specifying this will make sure that only relevant events are shown on your website. If you are unsure of what categories should be used for your website, please email CMS Desk for assistance.
    • Tags: Specifying tags here will make sure that only stories with those tags appear on your website.
    • Story Page: This specifies the page to be used when displaying your full news stories.
    • Title: This will be the title heading that will be displayed before your news stories are listed.
  5. Click Submit.