Images with Captions (Figures)

If your image requires a caption, it should be placed using the Figure macro. Utilizing the  Figure macro will pair an image with a corresponding caption to allow people, assistive technology, and search engines to relate the caption to the image. Do not add images using the  Media Picker and then type info about the photo beneath in plain text.

Adding a Figure in the editor #

  1. Place the cursor on a new line in the Umbraco editor.
  2. Click the  Insert Macro button.
  3. This will present a box to the right with a grid style macro listing. Choose  Figure.
  4. Click the gray  Add icon to open the  Media Gallery window.
  5. Select or upload your image. You can read more on the  Media Library page. 
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Once you are returned to the original  Figure window, be sure to fill out the caption. Note: If you feel there is no need for a caption, do not continue using the  Figure macro for that image. Instead, use the  Media Picker and insert a captionless image into your content.
  8. Click Submit.

Accessibility #

  • Use the Figure macro to associate descriptive text with an image.