Services & Rates

Contact OLAR with request for assistance- see contact us for contact information

Fees are billed in 15 min increments. 

  • Husbandry Technician assistance: $15/hour
  • Veterinary Technician Assistance: $35/hour 
  • Veterinarian Fee: $70/hour

Available services

  • Separation/Weaning 
  • Teeth Trimming 
  • Elective Euthanasia: request form submission required
  • Colony Management

Other services

  • Procedure Room Fees (HSC & AFA) - $17.50 (ONLY if room/equipment requires clean-up after use)
  • Surgery Suite (Large Animal) Fees - $25/day (Full Day Minimum)
  • Animal Transport - $6/per transport (for Off Campus Transports only)
  • Lost Key Fee - $75/key
  • Veterinary supplies: Cost of item plus 15% Mark-up with a $25 mark-up cap

Animal Per Diem Rates

Our established animal per diem rates can be found here

For questions about billing: