1. We just hired a new lab member. What are the steps needed to grant him/her access to the vivarium? 
    • The following steps must occur before access to an animal facility is granted:

      1. The Principal Investigator (PI) must add all new personnel to the approved Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) animal use protocol
        • Contact the IACUC office at 304-293-7073 for more information.
      2. New personnel must successfully complete the CITI online IACUC Required Training modules (http://oric.research.wvu.edu/). 
      3. New personnel must complete the brief Occupational Health Questionnaire for animal handlers working with laboratory animals (https://ohq.hsc.wvu.edu/), and receive clearance to work with animals.
      4. New personnel working in HSC or LSB must complete the OLAR Facility Training module in SOLE and pass the quiz (≥80%).
      5. New personnel working in HSC must email olartraining@hsc.wvu.edu to schedule a tour and rodent handling session with a member of OLAR staff. New personnel working in LSB will be trained by their PI and can contact olartraining@hsc.wvu.edu for additional training. 
      6. After steps 1-5 have been completed, the PI must submit a request for animal facility access to Minnie Mahajan (mmahajan@hsc.wvu.edu) on behalf of the new laboratory staff member.

      When activated for access, your WVU ID will be accepted at animal facility entrance card readers.

      Abuse of access privileges may result in deactivation.

  2. Where can I find WVU's policies and guidelines concerning animal care and use?
    • The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is responsible for policies regarding animal care and use. Please visit their Policies & Guidelines web page for more information. 
  3. We would like to get trained on a specific animal procedure. Who do we contact? 
    • Please email olartraining@hsc.wvu.edu with the following: specific procedure(s) needed and the animal species, date and time availability, and name of Principal Investigator (PI). Students requesting this training must already have completed basic restraining and handling.
  4. How do we request veterinary care for our animals? 
    • For non-emergency cases, please email olarvetstaff@hsc.wvu.edu. If you require immediate assistance during office hours (8am-4pm, M-F), call 304-293-3737 to reach a veterinary staff member. For cases outside of office hours and during weekends/holidays, please call 304-276-1314.
  5. What happens if I get injured while working with animals? 
    • All injuries need to be reported within 24 hours to the Environmental Health and Safety and Medical Management. For more information, please visit their website and follow the appropriate steps.   
  6. Where can I order veterinary or medical supplies for my lab?
    • Please fill out a Vet Supply Request form. Processing can take up to one week and there is a 15% mark up, with a $25.00 cap. 
  7. Are we able to reserve rooms within the vivarium for procedures?
    • Reservations can be made online on iLabs - register an account and request access from your Principal Investigator (PI). 
  8. Are we able to rent out anesthesia machines? 
    • Yes, you can fill out our Anesthesia Machine Loan/Rental Agreement form to request one. Anesthesia machine requests must be made one week in advance to ensure availability. Once request is submitted, please allow 1-2 business days for request approval from OLAR vet staff.
  9. How do I order animals? 
    • Please refer to Animal Orders for more information or contact Bell Reynolds during office hours (M-F, 7:30 am -3:30 pm) at 304-293-0924 or email bdreynolds@hsc.wvu.edu
    • To receive or send animals from/to another institution, please refer to our Animal Import/Export tab. 
  10. I have a question concerning my per diem charges. Who can I contact? 
  11. Who do I contact to obtain a vivarium room key? 
    •  Please contact Bob Cook at 304-293-2723 or email rocook@hsc.wvu.edu for information regarding vivarium room keys.