Animal Acquisition

An import is considered as an animal acquisition from non-commercial or unapproved sources, including farms, and is required to go through OLAR. An export is considered shipping animals from West Virginia University to another source.

Investigators wishing to import/export animals will need to complete either an animal import request form or a rodent export request form and submit this form to OLAR. Please visit our Forms tab, where both forms can be found and submitted.

Either of these may require a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) from the office of Technology Transfer. Please contact Technology Transfer office at to determine if an MTA is required prior to submitting an import or export form to OLAR.

Animal Import Specifics

OLAR must give approval to the source before animals can be accepted. OLAR does not accept pregnant or breeding animals into quarantine. Breeding or other experimental manipulation of animals in quarantine is NOT allowed.

All animals will undergo a quarantine period that will last at least 1 month. At the end of the 3rd week of quarantine, samples will be taken for testing. Animal housing will be based on health status from test results.  

The importing PI is responsible for all charges associated with the import.

Animal Export Specifics

Animals will NOT be shipped until approval from receiving institution is received.

For questions about import/export:

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Brandi Underwood
West Virginia University
Veterinary Technician, Office of Lab Animal Resources (OLAR)