Communication Resources


ADEA Faculty Diversity Toolkit

Download the toolkit from this page

The ADEA Faculty Diversity Toolkit provides an overview of best practices, strategies and model programs that postsecondary institutions have used to improve the recruitment and retention of historically underrepresented and marginalized faculty. The Toolkit is also meant to assist dental schools and allied programs in evaluating and designing programs to improve their faculty diversity recruitment and retention efforts.


If you are interested in paid advertising for your program or department, determine:

  • your budget
  • target audience
  • focus of message
  • format (print, web, broadcast, digital, etc.) 

Contact the Department of Marketing and Communications. 


WVU Police -

WVU Safety -

WVU Safety Emergency Info -

LiveSafe App -

WVU Alert -


Campus Announcements

Campus announcements submissions can be placed online. They are then posted on the Current Students website, and announcement titles appear on the Information Stations. In addition, campus announcements will be considered for Unews, an email from Student Life Communications that is sent to all Morgantown campus students on Mondays and Thursday.


If you are interested in promoting something on an infostation, please refer to University Relations and Enrollment Management's infostation request form with specifications. 

School of Dentistry Announcements

Faculty, students, residents and staff of WVU School of Dentistry can submit online announcement requests for possible publication and distribution. Submissions must involve an official WVU School of Dentistry unit or have a direct connection to the dental school and its related organizations or initiatives. 


Be Well

Mental health services are available to you along with other wellness programs.
Resources are on the Be Well website.

Branded Resources

There are WVU-branded elements available to you, including those that are specific to the School of Dentistry.
We have two approved logos. One for the school and one for our clinics.


Dental school logo

Click for Downloads

  • WVU signature
  • Flying WV
  • School of Dentistry wordmark
  • PowerPoint templates
  • Taglines

For WVU Dental logos for clinic related items, contact Marketing and Communications. 


WVU Dental

Brand and Trademark Licensing

The brand and trademark licensing department provides guidelines, tools and resources regarding products for use by schools and student groups. 

  • Guidelines for apparel and promotional products
  • Ordering branded products
  • Licensees and retailers
  • Student groups


Brochures have been created in the past for multiple departments and our program. It could be an option for communication for you if approved by finance and marketing.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff business cards are ordered through Mountaineer Marketplace in the WVU Portal. 



WVU School of Dentistry has an online calendar

To submit an item to be placed on the School of Dentistry calendar. Click and sign in with your WVU Login and follow the instructions.
This information would include events and entries of interest to those within the school and a public audience. 

WVU School of Dentistry posts internal dates for faculty calendars, student calendars, presentation schedule, etc. in SOLE.


Practices and clinics who would like us to share practice and clinic opportunities should reach out to the Office of Student Affairs, Community Health and Outreach


Department of Marketing and Communications

HSC-North, Office 1300C


Health Sciences Center Clinics

To find us from Ruby Memorial Hospital parking lot (1 Medical Ctr. Dr., Morgantown, WV):

  1. Follow the overhead signs to the Upper Campus.
  2. Travel through a roundabout or circular intersection.
  3. Continue toward the Upper Campus and retrieve a pass from the parking attendant.
  4. You will pass the entry to the ER followed by the entry to the WVU Cancer Institute.
  5. Our clinic entry is just beyond WVU Cancer Institute on the right.
  6. Free patient parking is in the adjacent lot. Parking spaces are first come, first served. 
  7. As you walk toward the building, follow signs for HSC-North and WVU Dental.

Suncrest Towne Centre

From Interstate 68

  1. Take Exit 7 (Pierpont Rd.).
  2. Head west on Cheat Road/Rt. 857 S.
  3. Continue on US-119 S/Mileground Rd.
  4. Proceed through the traffic circle onto WV-705 W/201st INF/FA Memorial Way.
  5. Turn left on Stewartstown Road.
  6. Turn right on Suncrest Towne Centre Drive.
  7. Building 451 is adjacent to Tim Hortons. We share a free parking lot with a bank and law firm. 

From Interstate 79

  1. Take Exit 155 (Star City/Osage/WVU Football stadium).
  2. Proceed northeast on Chaplin Road.
  3. Veer right at the bottom of the hill and travel east on US-19/WV-7.
  4. Turn left onto Patteson Drive (near WVU Coliseum).
  5. Continue onto Van Voorhis Road.
  6. Turn right onto Chestnut Ridge Rd./WV-705 W/201st INF/FA Memorial Way.
  7. Take a right onto Stewartstown Road. 
  8. Turn right onto Suncrest Towne Centre Drive.
  9. Building 451 is adjacent to Tim Hortons. We share a free parking lot with a bank and law firm. 


Available Directories

WVU School of Dentistry
Health Sciences Center

Quick extensions

You may need to forward calls. This is a quick list of often needed phone extensions. 

Dental School Admissions – 304-293-6646
Calls from parents/prospective students about applying to school. 

Student Affairs, Community Health & Outreach – 304-293-5589 or email
Calls from dental clinics looking to hire new dental graduates or post open positions.

Department of Dental Hygiene – 304-293-3417
Calls from prospective students about applying to the dental hygiene program, employers who are hiring dental hygienists.

Academic Affairs – 304-293-4393
Calls from former dental school graduates inquiring about transcripts, certificates, dates, etc. 

Office of the Dean – 304- 293-2521
Calls about marketing, businesses and finance and other calls that don't fit a category above. 

Faculty, Resident and Staff Directory Entries

For your listing to be placed in the WVU School of Dentistry directory, email


  • First and Last Name
  • Credentials
  • Email
  • Office phone number
  • Department 
  • Title

Optional to include:

  • Bio
  • Publications
  • Manuscripts
  • Awards
  • Certifications
  • Academy/Society memberships
  • Research Interests
  • Grants

Directory photos

For your photo to be placed in the directory:

  • Choose a high resolution photo (200X250 pixels or greater).
  • Make sure image shows you from approximately waist level and up.
  • Save it as a jpg.
  • Name the jpg your email (Example:

Email the properly named jpg to to request it be added to the directory. 



School of Dentistry e-News

The School of Dentistry and WVU Foundation distribute a monthly email to alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends with updates from the school. 
If you need on the distribution list, contact or 

To submit news and announcement ideas, see School of Dentistry Announcements in the Announcement section above. 

Health Sciences e-News

Health sciences sends a weekly news update. Click to subscribe.

WVU Mountaineer e-News

Read news from the University. 
Subscribe to Mountaineer e-News

WVU Medicine e-news

WVU Medicine news can be found here:
WVU Medicine sends a weekly message for WVU Hospitals Family.



Submit items for consideration on the School of Dentistry social media accounts through the school's Director of Marketing and Communications. 
Follow at School of Dentistry and WVU Dental.


Graphic Design

If you have a graphic design request, work with the school's Director of Marketing and Communications who can connect you with HSC graphic designers.
Or submit your own request at online. 


Health Sciences Center website


The School of Dentistry has an online Hub. It is a single page with multiple dentistry and WVU resources. Examples include:

My Access, WVU Portal, SOLE, WVU Talent and Culture, Faculty development, HR One Source, Casey Cloud, Kronos, eCampus

Click to access the dentistry hub. 


Information Technology for School of Dentistry


See announcement section above. 


The dental school is on instagram at wvuschoolofdentistry. 


Junk Mail

Occasionally you will receive an email from Don't forget to check your junk mail at times. 



WVU Talent and Culture provides appreciation and recognition resources you can use if you want to share you thanks with a WVU colleague. 



See Branded Resources


Media Relations

Contact the Director of Marketing and Communications regarding media requests, media training and developing media advisories.



School of Dentistry news

Dental school news is on the school website. Click here to read current and past stories from the school.

To submit news and announcement ideas, see School of Dentistry Announcements in the Announcement section above. 


Newsletters targeted to alumni and donors with a focus on fundraising are coordinated through WVU Foundation. 


Ordering Branded Products

University Relations can provide assistance with preparing the art for vendors you select for approved licensees.

Ordering is the responsibility of your office or unit, along with any financial responsibilities. When ordering branded items:

  • Select a company from the WVU Trademark Licensing licensee list.
  • Select the product you wish to order (ex: coffee mugs or t-shirts).
  • Complete the product request format least three weeks prior to the shipping date.

Be sure to include the following information, so that your artwork can be adjusted based on the item’s imprint area:

  • Product name (ex: stress balls)
  • Color (ex: gold)
  • Imprint area (either get this info from the vendor, or include the item link)
  • Deadline to place the order in time for the company to fulfill the request and ship to you




To contract with a WVU photographer for professional pictures at an event or department photos, place a request online. Costs associated with the shoot are the responsibility of the program or department unless otherwise decided by administration in the Office of the Dean. 


Some organizers prefer to hire a photographer outside of WVU. Contact the Director of Marketing and Communications for suggestions or names of photographers often chosen for dental school photo shoots. 

Photo Release

Anyone involved in a photo shoot for the School of Dentistry and/or WVU Dental must have a sign two photo release form prior to participation. One is for WVU Medicine. The other is for WVU. Complete the forms. Capture a screenshot of the confirmation message you receive directly after submission. Email screenshots to 


Download photos from our associated accounts.
School of Dentistry SmugMug
HSC SmugMug
WVU Photos (fees may apply)


Contact the Director of Development for the WVU School of Dentistry,, with philanthropy inquiries. 


Clinical policies are available upon request through the Office of Clinical Affairs.
Click for clinical affairs contacts. 

West Virginia University, WVU School of Dentistry and dental school program policies are available upon request through the Office of Academic Affairs. Click for academic affairs contacts.


For poster and banner set up and printing, please use one of WVU’s print services. They will utilize the proper logos, backgrounds and fonts.

Several poster templates are available for download:

Press Releases

If you have an idea you think would make an appealing story for news outlets and industry publications, submit it to the WVU School of Dentistry news and announcement online form. Find the link above under School of Dentistry Announcements in the Announcements section above.  

Printing Services

Local options are available to use for printing, binding, graphic design services and mailing. All of these printers work in conjunction with WVU's Trademark Licensing Division and are familiar with the templates, logos and layout required. All offer fairly competitive pricing. Recommendations include, but are not limited to, the following:



The Department of Marketing and Communications maintains a Wufoo account that can be used in some instances for developing questionnaires or surveys for projects or events. 



Any media requests from reporters should be directed to the school's Director of Marketing and Communications for dentistry or HSC Communications

Research Poster Templates

See Posters.



To request new individual room, small directory or wayfinding signage or to update current signage, place a request online through HSC facilities

Social Media

Follow the School of Dentistry and WVU Dental on Facebook.
Follow the School of Dentistry and WVU Dental on Twitter. 
Follow the School of Dentistry on Linkedin.
Follow the School of Dentistry in Instagram

Social Media Guidelines

Read WVU guidelines on use of social media. 


There are some School of Dentistry communication resources in SOLE.
The SOD Academic Affairs SOLE site includes things like the Thursday event schedule, Final exam schedule, Semester class schedules. You can find academic policies, guidelines, curriculum and more.
The SOD Clinical Affairs SOLE site includes clinical policies, manuals, protocols.

(When you log in to SOLE, if you do not see the sites called SOD Academic Affairs or School of Dentistry Clinic Affairs, please reach out to the department administration to be added.)
Academic Affairs
Clinic Administration


See Questionnaire.



  • Borrowing: The School of Dentistry marketing department has a limited number of tablecloths for loan on a first-come, first-served basis. If the tablecloths become soiled from use, please wash before returning.
  • Ordering: Official tablecloths feature the “West Virginia University” logo only and not the college or program unit name. This is University-wide policy. These tablecloths are exclusively available from Signs Plus. Costs at the last time of update are as follows:
    • 6’ = $280
    • 8’ = $300
    • Convertible (can be 6’ or 8’) = $328

To order:
1. Contact Signs Plus at 304-296-6300, or email Steve Oyenik.
2. Complete the Trademark Licensing Product Request Form.
3. The vendor will then carry out the process from there.


Submit items for consideration on the School of Dentistry social media accounts through the school's Director of Marketing and Communications. 
Follow the School of Dentistry and WVU Dental on Twitter. 


University Relations and Enrollment Management (UR/EM)

UR/EM sets the University's standards and policies for marketing, branding and communication efforts. 



Video services may be acquired through the following units -- time, scope and subject-matter pending. Costs associated with productions are the responsibility of the requesting department. Recommended companies include, but are not limited to, the following:



We have three websites. 

The School of Dentistry Department of Marketing and Communications works closely with the Health Sciences web development team to create and edit websites.
The Health Sciences Center has compiled a guideline for web content

School of Dentistry
This website is designed to inform and attract incoming students and faculty. 

WVU Dental
This website is dedicated to patient care and offers information about our treatment and service options. 

Dentistry Hub
This is a central place to find links to resources, guidelines and other information that may be important to our current students, faculty, staff and residents. 

Website Edits

Directors, program chairs and department administrative assistants should regularly take a look at the web pages associated with their area. Newly written content and edited content should be coordinated through the Department of Marketing and Communications. 


You can find mental health services and additional resources on the Wellness website


The School of Dentistry Department of Marketing and Communications may be able to assist with the following types of writing projects.

  • Press releases
  • Media advisories
  • Brochures
  • Other promotional writing projects

WVU Dental

WVU Dental is the clinical component of the dental school. It is where faculty, students and residents treat patients. Patients with questions or appointment requests should call 304-293-6208 and browse



If x-rays are shown in any marketing or promotional items, all identification must be covered or hidden and kept confidential. Discuss use of such materials with program directors and the Department of Marketing and Communications. 



You are a valuable and important resource in marketing and communicating information about our school. Always feel free to share social media posts made by the school along with news stories that feature our school and clinics. In 2021, according to Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising. Even academic research into WOMM has proven its effectiveness in conversion.


Zip code

WVU School of Dentistry's zip code at HSC is 26506-9600.