Dental Hygiene Curriculum Management


The Purpose of the Dental Hygiene Curriculum Management Committee is to continually review the curriculum to ensure that it promotes dental hygiene student competency upon graduation by providing content and learning experiences that are current, comprehensive, evidence-based and appropriately sequenced. 

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Annually review the Program’s Philosophy Statement, Goals, and Program Competencies
    • Revise, as necessary, to include, but not limited to: new and emerging technologies, patient care, social and cultural determinants of health, cultural competency, community service, professional expectations, interprofessional experiences, student well-being, professionalism and ethics, inclusive and welcoming environment for students and patients, etc.
  • Align the curriculum, individual courses, and certification courses with the governing bodies, University, and the Program
  • Ensure the course directors and instructors integrate of the various components of the curriculum in a manner that supports the goals of the Program 
  • Annually review the Program’s Outcomes Assessment Working Plan
    • Revise outcome measures, as necessary
    • Makes recommendations for improvement if the performance indicator has not been achieved
  • Review curriculum for course additions, modifications, and deletions, as needed

Chair Responsibilities:

  • Directs the process of curriculum management with consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, as needed
  • Meet with basic science, biomedical science, and dental faculty, and student representation, as needed or as requested on behalf by the Committee
    • Instructional correlations to link basic science theory with dental hygiene practice
    • Address student concerns
  • Point of Contact for basic science, biomedical science, and dental faculty
    • Course director concerns in regard to student attendance, professionalism, achievement, etc.
    • Proposed changes to a basic science, biomedical science, or course directed by dental faculty in regard to content, credit hours, delivery method, meeting times, etc.
  • Review and approval of proposed curricular and course revisions

Meeting Information:

Twice a year/as needed; may be integrated with a regularly scheduled faculty meeting.


The Curriculum Management Committee consists of seven voting faculty members from the Department of Dental Hygiene, one ex-officio faculty member (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs), one dental hygiene student member, and one non-voting member (Program Administrative Assistant).

Ms. Amy Funk, Chair
Ms. Dawn Dean
Ms. M. Suann Gaydos
Ms. Elizabeth Puette
Dr. Alcinda Shockey
Ms. Ashlee Sowards
Ms. Kaitlyn McQuain
Ms. MacKenzie Wensel* (DH senior representative)
Ms. Lori Groover (non-voting)
Dr. Michael Bagby, Ex-officio