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Nurse AMIE (Addressing Malignancies in Individuals Everyday) in Rural PA and WV

The West Virginia University Cancer Institute is collaborating with the Penn State Cancer Institute on a new study called Nurse AMIE, also known as Addressing Metastatic Individuals Everyday, for rural West Virginians with cancer.

Nurse AMIE is a tablet-based supportive care platform that aims to improve symptoms, quality of life, function and overall survival of adults with stage three or stage four cancer.

Cancer patients often live with symptoms left unmanaged, resulting in more doctor visits. Katie Schmitz and her team at the Penn State Cancer Institute created a software program called Nurse AMIE that can be downloaded to a tablet for cancer patients to interact with and use.

Cancer patients put information in the program, such as quality of life, physical health and other symptoms, and Nurse AMIE provides recommendations to help with their symptoms. These recommendations will fall in one of six categories: exercise videos, soothing music, connection through, guided relaxation, daily step counts and symptom management videos.

Universities Involved

  • Lead: Penn State University
  • West Virginia University
Amount Awarded
Length of grant
4 years

Faculty Involved