Mindful Steps: Part 2


Do you already have a mindfulness practice? Would you like to expand your knowledge?


Mindful Steps: Part 2 is a six-week intermediate class that expands on the topics of the introductory Mindful Steps series as participants will delve deeper into practices related to interoception, inner yoga, adaptability, gratitude, and resilience. 


The focus of the series will be on a deeper interconnection within ourselves, our environment, and our world with six themed sessions as follows: 


1. Review of Basic Mindfulness Practices. 

2. Fundamentals of Joy: Getting our groove back! 

3. Say what? Unpleasant experiences revisited. 

4. Mindful communication: Reveling in interconnectedness. 

5. Mindful mishaps: Daring to Look! Daring to Feel! 

6. Keep it going! How to navigate through common meditation pitfalls


Led by a team of expert mindfulness instructors, this free series is open to students, faculty, and staff at WVU.


No experience is required, recordings will be available for those unable to attend live.


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