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Escape room scenario allows students to practice nursing skills in fun setting

KEYSER, W. Va. — As part of their NSG 312 class, WVU School of Nursing Keyser Campus students participated in a sepsis nursing escape room to practice their skills.

The junior Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students were led through the scenario by Dr. Mary Beth McCloud. The escape room involved a patient in the emergency department who comes in one week after an abdominal surgery with altered mental status, pain, and elevated temperature.

Students took over the patient’s care, completing a head-to-toe assessment where they identify abnormal vital signs that indicated the need to start the protocol for sepsis. The students then proceeded to follow the protocol by inserting a catheter, starting an IV, calling the provider, and administering medication to the patient.

Students had to proceed through each step to secure the key or code to unlock the next step or be provided equipment they needed. The students worked collaboratively and assigned specific team member roles to provide the care and work through each stage of the escape room, including the last step: “Gather your group for a photo.”

“Students expressed how much fun they had with this activity and how helpful it was in applying their learning concepts,” Dr. McCloud said.


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