The Office of Research and Graduate Education is pleased to offer a “Tweak my Aims” program in support of project proposal development. For participation in this program, we invite any PI to provide a specific aims page AND biographical sketch for review by submitting a "Tweak my Aims Service request form" located at the top of this page.  Upon receipt, we will forward your documents to three faculty for immediate input.  The suggestions will be returned to the PI within approximately 5 working days.  We have a standing review panel of faculty with significant grant review experience across diverse disciplines available to support this program.  

Please note that this program is not intended to replace the standing internal study section organized by our team, but rather to augment it through early and rapid feedback on two critical components of grant applications.  In addition, it is not intended to provide a detailed content critique but rather a sense of how effectively the PI has captured the proposed work as being compelling, innovative, and impactful.  Reviewers are asked to make comments on general readability, clarity and connectedness of the aims to the overall goal, etc. Additionally, the reviewers are asked to provide any pointers that will strengthen these two elements.

Please notify Renee Lewis ( or Lana Yoho ( with any questions regarding the Tweak my Aims program.

We hope investigators find this service helpful in our ongoing goal of supporting each other at the HSC.  Please continue to offer us any suggestions on additional services that will strengthen your competitiveness and make this a better place to do your research every day.

Tweak my Aims Service

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