HSC Pre-Award staff assist PIs throughout the process of proposal planning, preparation, and content development through submission of proposals to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). An assigned OSP Pre-Award staff will review, approve and submit the application to the funding agency on behalf of the PI. HSC Pre-Award staff works in close collaboration with OSP. Our mission is to support PIs so the proposal is presented in a manner that is complete and accurate according to agency guidelines. Utilizing HSC Pre-Award services is designed to support PIs by facilitating the overall grant process. Our service provides PIs with the necessary time to focus on science (or training, service, etc.) pieces of the proposal while all budgetary and administrative components are completed by a trained HSC Pre-Award team member. 

The following services are provided to faculty utilizing HSC Office of Research and Graduate Education Pre-Award support:

  • Develop a workflow including a timeline for proposal preparation and internal processing.
  • Review, interpret and advise on funding mechanism and proposal documents for accordance with application guidelines and formatting requirements. 
  • Preparation of application forms and assembling of proposal package (i.e. ASSIST, WorkSpace).
  • Develop project budgets and budget justification templates.
  • Provide agency specific document templates as needed ( i.e. facilities and resources).
  • Initiate, submit and monitor the WVU KC Proposal Summary review (routing) process.
  • Advise on institutional, sponsor and federal/state government guidelines.
  • Facilitate collaborations with appropriate WVU offices surrounding compliance considerations, Export Control, Intellectual Property inquiries, special data management plans, etc. 
  • Initiate proposal paperwork for subawards, consultants or other collaborative agreements and facilitate submission of the paperwork to OSP.
  • Assists with the completion of agency required JIT, Post-Submission material (or other follow-up) requests in collaboration with OSP. 

Pre-Award assistance through our office can be requested by completing a Pre-Award Support Request form found at the top of this page. The submission of a Pre-Award request form is very important for planning purposes in our office and enables us to record your request and secure a spot on our assignment calendar.  The Pre-Award form is also tied to a customer service follow-up survey, which offers faculty an opportunity to provide much needed feedback on their experience and offer suggestions for improving centralized Pre-Award services being offered to the HSC community.

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