Visual Function and Morphology Core


The Visual Function and Morphology Core (VFM) provides users with the technology and expertise to advance research programs that are focused on the biology of vision. The VFM Core maintains resources for classical functional assays. Additional resources include assistance with sample preparation, ERG/OKR operational services, and subretinal injection/electroporation.


  • LKC UTAS BigShot Electroretinogram (ERG) System
  • CELERIS ERG system
  • OptoMotry Optokinetic Response (OKR) System
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Micron IV Retinal Imaging Microscope
  • Leica & MES Cryostats
  • Leica M80 Injection Microscope
  • Anesthesia Unit



Neil Billington, PhD | | (304) 293-0942


Tongju Guan | | (304) 216-2133


Please remember to acknowledge support for the VFM Core in all your publications:

Visual assessments were performed in the West Virginia University Visual Function and Morphology Core which has been supported by the WVU Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, the WVU Health Sciences Center, Lions Club International Foundation and WV Lions, and NIH grant P20GM144230.

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