Tissue Bank and Brain Bank


The West Virginia University Tissue Bank collects a wide variety of normal and diseased tissue from surgical resections and autopsies with Institutional Review Board approval and patient consent. Skilled technologists work with surgeons, pathologists, and researchers to maximize the scientific value and
quality of acquired tissue. They oversee designation of tissue so investigators can correlate pathologic features with their data while maintaining patient confidentiality. The Tissue Bank is willing to work closely with researchers needing customized tissue collection to meet their study goals.


  • Brain gross and microscopic examination
  • Storage of neurologic tissue
  • Routine sectioning and staining of tissue
  • IHC staining



Peter Perrotta, MD | pperrotta@hsc.wvu.edu | (304) 293-1617

Technical Specialist 

Jacqueline Karakiozis | jkarakiozis@hsc.wvu.edu | (304) 293-0287

Assistant Director

Phil Han, MD, PhD | peng.han@hsc.wvu.edu | (304) 293-0645


Please remember to acknowledge support for the Tissue Bank in all your publications:

Tissue for this project was provided by the West Virginia University Tissue Bank which has been supported by the WVU Department of Pathology, Anatomy and Laboratory Medicine and NIH grant U54GM104942.

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