Pathology Research Histology


The Pathology Research Histology Laboratory, located within the Department of Pathology, Anatomy & Laboratory Medicine (PALM) on the 2 nd floor of HSC-North, provides a wide range of histopathology services for basic science and clinical investigators. Routine procedures include tissue processing, decalcification, paraffin embedding, microtome sectioning, and automated hematoxylin and eosin
staining. A variety of special stains and immunostains are available upon request. Core staff also provide consultation for the development of new immunostaining protocols and digital imaging.


  • Shandon Excelsior Tissue Processor

  • Sakura Tissue-Tek Embedding Station

  • Galileo CK3500 Semi-Automatic Tissue

  • Sakura DRS-601 Automated Stainer

  • Ventana Discovery XL Automated Immunostainer

  • Leica CM1850 Cryostat



Peter Perrotta, MD | | (304) 293-1617

Technical Specialist

Jacqueline Karakiozis | | (304) 293-0287


Rita White | | (304) 293-0782


Please remember to acknowledge support for the Histology Lab in all your publications:

Tissues were processed in the West Virginia University Pathology Research Histology Laboratory supported by the WVU Department of Pathology, Anatomy & Laboratory Medicine and NIH grant U54GM104942.

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