Molecular Medicine Laboratory


The Molecular Medicine Laboratory is designed to accelerate the development and implementation of molecular clinical assays. Automated liquid handling equipment allows users of the core to perform high throughput DNA/RNA extractions, PCR assays, and generation of libraries for Next Generation Sequencing. There are separate research and clinical laboratories that are configured with identical equipment to enable seamless transfer of newly developed assays into the CLIA-certified testing lab. Major equipment includes centrifuges, two biosafety cabinets, five PCR clean benches, four real time thermocyclers, two 96 well and one 384 well block thermocyclers, Agilent TapeStation 4200, and ProteinSimple Jess automated western blot capillary system. Processes are automated on two Beckman Biomek i7 and one Opentrons OT-2 liquid handlers.


  • Biomek i7 automated liquid handlers (x2)
  • Opentrons OT-2 liquid handler
  • Biorad CFX 96 real time thermocyclers (x4)
  • Agilent Tape Station 4200
  • Jess automated western blot capillary system
  • QBit 2 fluorimeter



Peter Stoilov, PhD | | (304) 293-6334


Please acknowledge support for the Molecular Medicine Laboratory in all your publications:

Studies were performed in the West Virginia University Molecular Medicine Laboratory which has been supported by the WVU HSC Office of Research & Graduate Education and NIH grant U54GM104942.

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