Mitochondria Phenotyping Service


The Mitochondria Phenotyping Service is designed to provide a centralized mitochondria, bioenergetics and metabolism phenotyping service for WVU researchers. Services include mitochondria isolation from cells and tissues, cellular and mitochondria bioenergetics analyses, assessment of mitochondria structure, function and dynamics, as well as metabolomic profiling. Key capabilities of the core include the use of Seahorse machinery from Agilent Technologies. With these, live cell, isolated mitochondria and tissue samples can be utilized for kinetic measurements in real time. The systems measure the concentration of protons and oxygen over time and automatically calculates the oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and proton efflux rate (PER) - which is a quantitative measure of extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) - simultaneously in every well of the microplate. Examples of ECAR and OCR from mitochondrial and glycolytic stress assays can be observed below.


  • Agilent Seahorse XFp, XFe24, and XF Pro

  • YSI 5300 Oxymeter and 1500 l chamber

  • Oxytherm+ Peltier regulated system

  • YSI 5300 Oxymeter and 600 l chamber

  • Qubit Systems Dissolved Oxygen Package

  • Ion Optix microscopy system

  •  Flexstation 3

  • Oroboros O2k-FluoRespirometer



John Hollander, PhD | | (304) 293-3683

Technical Director

Ethan Meadows | | (304) 293-7311


Please remember to acknowledge support for the Mitochondria Phenotyping Service in all your publications:

Mitochondrial phenotyping studies were performed in the West Virginia University Mitochondria Phenotyping Service which has been supported by the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley Whipkey Trust, the WVU Health Sciences Center and NIH grant P20GM103434.

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