Metabolomics and Small Molecule Analysis Facility


The Metabolomics and Small Molecule Analysis Core is a mass spectrometry facility housed in the School of Pharmacy on the Health Sciences Center campus. This core is equipped with a UHPLC in tandem with a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, with sensitivity in the parts per billion range. This instrument is well-suited to meet the demands of small molecule quantitation in a wide array of
biological samples including tissue, plasma, and urine. A suite of available methods focus on lipid biomarkers of metabolic disease, including ceramides, fatty acylcarnitines, and sphingomyelins; additional methods can be developed by researchers in partnership with the Core. Data analysis can be performed on two standalone workstations utilizing the AB Sciex MultiQuant software.


  • AB Sciex QTRAP 5500 Mass Spectrometer
  • High Speed Centrifuge
  • AB Sciex ExionLC UHPLC
  • Nitrogen Gas Flow Evaporator
  • Workstations with AB Sciex Software


Please remember to acknowledge support for the Metabolomics and Small Molecule Analysis Facility in all your publications:

LC/MS/MS analyses were performed in the West Virginia University Metabolomics & Small Molecule Analysis Facility which has been supported by the WVU Cancer Institute, the WVU HSC Office of Research & Graduate Education, and NIH grants P20GM103434.

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