Our capabilities include the development of novel aerosol and gas generation systems. In addition to generating simulated environments, our group characterizes these environments in terms of: toxicant levels, particle size distributions, microscopic imaging, chemical analysis and exposure conditions. Our telemetry devices allow implantable sensors which can provide real-time health data for animals pre, during and post-exposure. We also specialize in conducting non-invasive health monitoring with instruments such as mouse and rat plethysmographs.  

Some of the individual projects we are currently working on include:  

  • Military burn pit emissions of particles and chemicals
  • Field collections of aerosols from mountain top mining
  • Characterization of fracking or heavy vehicular traffic areas, and combustion emissions
  • Biological impacts of 3-D printing emissions
  • E-cigarette/vaping and evaluation of biological health impacts on pregnancy, offspring and subsequent generations.
  • Exposure of high-production volume nanomaterials such as titanium dioxide
  • Mixtures such as carbon black and ozone as a surrogate for environmental pollution 
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