Emerging Pathogens Core


The Emerging Pathogens Core provides services to clinical, translational, and basic investigators where robust technology-based infrastructure is essential to translate research focused on emerging pathogens to better health outcomes. These services will include i) culturing pathogens and their variants, ii) developing cellular and small animal models that serve as tools to study human disease, iii) testing the efficacy of novel therapeutics, and iv) developing newly formulated vaccines and monitoring immunologic response.


  • Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handling robots
  • Cytiva AKTA FPLC
  • EVOS M5000 fluorescent microscope
  • Tecan Infinite 200 Pro multimode plate reader
  • BioBubble biocontainment enclosure
  • Multidrop Combi reagent dispenser



Heath Damron, PhD | fdamron@hsc.wvu.edu | (304) 293-7823


Ivan Martinez, PhD | ivmartinez@hsc.wvu.edu | (304) 581-1934


Melissa Cooper | melissa.cooper1@hsc.wvu.edu | (304) 293-5972


Please acknowledge the grants that support the Emerging Pathogens Core in all your publications:

Experiments were performed in the WVU Emerging Pathogens Core which has been supported by the WVU HSC Office of Research and Graduate Education and NIH grant U54GM104942.

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