Electron Microscope Facility


The WVU Electron Microscopy Core Facility in Pathology provides instrumentation and scientific support for electron microscopy needs. A JEOL JEM 1010 transmission electron microscope with an AMT Hamamatsu Orca-HR digital camera and imaging system is used to perform transmission electron microscopic analysis of human or animal tissues and cells. State-of-the-art preparatory equipment to process, embed and cut thick and thin sections for TEM is available in the lab. Sample preparation
services are also offered.


  • JEOL JEM 1010 TEM
  • Hamamatsu Orca-HR digital Camera



David Howell, MD, PhD | dhowell@hsc.wvu.edu

Histotechnologist Specialist 

David Huffman, HTL (ASCP) cm QIHC cm | dhuffma7@wvumedicine.org


Please remember to acknowledge support for the EM Core in all your publications:

Electron Microscopy was performed at the WVU Electron Microscopy Facility supported by WVU Medicine, the WVU Department of Pathology, Anatomy and Laboratory Medicine, and NIH grant U54GM104942.

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