Biospecimen Processing Core

Overview of Services

The West Virginia University Biospecimen Processing Core (BPC) acquires and processes accurately timed, high quality samples (e.g., blood, urine, bone marrow, etc., but excluding tissue) from patients for translational research. The sample processing complexity is determined by needs of the investigators and ranges from simple logging and storage to generation of specific subsamples such as mRNA isolation.

Functions of the WVU BPC include: assistance with protocol design of sample times; establishment of handling procedures; determination of sample stability; sample & data acquisition; serving as an interface between the clinicians and labs; and specimen stabilization/processing, storage/shipping. Depending on the complexity of the study, the Core may also facilitate informed patient consent.

The Core provides researchers with access to personnel who can link their samples to the Center's OnCore clinical trials management system. In addition, Core personnel have access to WVU Hospital’s electronic medical record system (Epic) for acquisition of protocol requested patient information, providing a translational link to samples.


  • Centrifuges (Refrigerated and Room Temp)
  • Automated Cell Sorter
  • Freezers (-86 °C and -20 °C).



William Petros, PharmD | | (304) 293-5212

Research Associate

Kayla Townsend | | (304) 293-7380


Please remember to acknowledge support for the BPC in all your publications:

Specimens were provided by the West Virginia University Biospecimen Processing Core which has been supported by the WVU Cancer Institute and NIH grants P20GM103434 and U54GM104942.

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