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Mental Health First Aid

West Virginia University’s Office of Health Promotion and Wellness and the Division of Student Life sponsored Mental Health First Aid instructor training.

Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based training that teaches participants about mental health and substance use issues. Participants learn to apply skills that include assessing for suicide or harm, listening non-judgmentally, giving reassurance and information, and encouraging professional help and self-help strategies.

The information is presented by WVU’s certified instructors in a variety of formats, including virtual, blended, and in-person.

To schedule a workshop for students, faculty, staff, or community members, contact any of the certified instructors listed below. 

STUDENTS: Allison Hayes-CARE Team, Keegan Campbell-Carruth Center, Layne Hitchcock-Carruth Center- BeWell HSC satellite, Wes Thomas-WellWVU, Marcedes Minana-AdventureWV, Aleksandra Glotko-International Studies, Kathleen Sauls-WVU Tech

FACULTY: Sarah Stiles-School of Nursing, Erin Jordan-College of Physical Activity & Sport Sciences, Kathleen Sauls-WVU Tech

FACULTY, STAFF, OR STUDENT WORKERS: Janie Howsare-Faculty & Staff Assistance Program, Sandra Corbett-Faculty & Staff Assistance Program, Layne Hitchcock-Carruth Center- BeWell HSC satellite, Patricia Cendana-Student Services & Residence Life, Ryan McConnell-Residence Life, Kathleen Sauls-WVU Tech, Cody Smith-University Police

COMMUNITY: Christopher Arthurs-West Virginia Sober Living, Mark Liptrap-Monongalia County Health Department