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Funded Projects

The following projects are funded by the Office of Health Promotion & Wellness. Each project addresses WVU's Wellbeing Priorities.

Mountaineers on the Move: Promoting Wellness through Adapted Sports

Funding has been provided for the purchase of all-court sports wheelchairs. Objectives include: preparing physical activity professionals to promote the wellbeing of individuals with disabilities through the use of adapted sport, promoting physical activity, and offering community engagement through service-learning opportunities. The project addresses emotional, physical, social, and community wellbeing. 

Leveraging Resilience and Self-Compassion of Nursing Faculty

The purpose of this project is to offer emotional self-regulation techniques to improve resilience, lower stress, and address self-compassion of Nursing faculty. The current project builds on findings related to Nursing faculty's quality of life during the pandemic. Topics including physiological coherence, heart-focused breathing, and biofeedback are expected to impact emotional wellbeing, while creating spillover effects that will benefit students and patients.  

Food Justice in Appalachia

WVU Libraries in partnership with the WVU Food Justice Lab, the WVU Center for Resilient Communities, Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective Artists, and the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness will provide an exhibit opportunity for story-tellers and scholars to highlight the values that shape our foodways through the lens of regional food activists working to address hunger and build alternative food futures. This project primarily addresses community wellbeing.

Mountaineers for Recovery Retreat

Mountaineers for Recovery (M4R) is a student organization in the WVU Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) that supports students in recovery. The WVU CRP's goal is to provide support and resources, and help participants develop meaning and purpose as they move forward in life. The M4R Retreat will be a multi-day program designed to foster a sense of community and connection through challenging and rewarding outdoor adventure activities. Emotional, social, community, and purpose wellbeing priorities are addressed in this project. 

National College Health Assessment/National Faculty & Staff Health Assessment 

This is a comprehensive, nationally-normed, needs assessment project that will evaluate WVU students, faculty, and staff wellness. The project's two-part design includes distributing the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) to a random sample of WVU students, and distributing the National Faculty & Staff Health Assessment (NFSHA) to a random sample of WVU faculty and staff. Findings from each survey will inform future wellness programming, practices, and events. Data collection from this project will address physical, emotional, financial, and community wellbeing priorities.  

Passport to Holistic Wellness

This project is described as a personal journey program. Each individual participant in the Passport program will meet one-on-one with three specialists (behavioral health specialist, physical health professional, and financial planner) and earn stamps for their passport upon completion. This will allow participants the opportunity to develop customized goals for their personal wellness. Additionally, seminars are planned and will be open to WVU faculty, staff, and students. The Passport program and seminars are aligned with emotional, purpose, physical, and financial wellbeing priorities.

The Body Project

The Body Project is an evidence-based prevention program that addresses body dissatisfaction, moods, and disordered eating. The program promotes balanced eating habits, challenges perceived beauty standards, and builds social support. Funding will be provided for specialized training for facilitators who will implement The Body Project at WVU. This project targets emotional, physical, and social wellbeing priorities. 

Mountaineers Move

Funding from the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness supports expansion of programs delivered by the Division of Exercise Physiology. Their 5% Healthier program allows WVU faculty and staff on the Morgantown, Potomac State, and Tech campuses to receive 10 weeks of free, personalized, one-on-one virtual exercise coaching. Stay SANE! (Support, Accountability, Nutrition, and Exercise) is a wellness program developed for graduate students in the WVU Health Science Center. It includes personalized exercise coaching, weekly wellness education including de-stress tips, and small group exercise programming to increase social interaction. These programs address physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.