Flowers at the WVU Arboretum
Cultivating the wellbeing of our WVU community

Find Your Well Being

Through collaborations and innovations, we are working to support the whole-person wellbeing of our faculty, staff and students at West Virginia University. Wellbeing is multi-dimensional, and these components play an integral role in overall health and happiness. Our WVU Wellbeing Wheel showcases these different areas of wellbeing.

Find your well being is surrounded by five icons and their labels - Physical, Purposeful, Community, Financial, and Social.


Caring for your body through regular movement and balanced nutrition and sleep.


Feeling connected, engaged, and safe in your community.


Learning to effectively manage your money and seek out resources to support financial goals.

Building strong relationships, connections, and support systems with others, including coworkers and students.


Liking what you do and being motivated to expand your sense of purpose and meaning.